Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are answers to some of  the most common questions I get asked by potential clients.  If you don’t see your question answered below, feel free to email me directly at

Where are you based?

I live in NE Portland, OR, but I often travel around the Northwest to photograph weddings.  I also offer packages for your wedding beyond the Northwest (please contact me directly to ask about travel costs for those).   The bulk of my portrait and other photography happens in Portland and the surrounding areas, but I’d be happy to discuss travel for that service as well.

How far out do we need to book you for our wedding?

The short answer is, as early as you can. There are some dates that book a year in advance (or more!), and then there are some dates that remain open, even in the summertime. I’ve booked a wedding as last-minute as one week before the date – but I would not recommend waiting that long. Reaching out to me as soon as you know your wedding date for sure will give you a better shot at having me available to photograph your wedding. However, even if you are cutting it close, feel free to send me an email to check my availability.

Do you ever offer wedding photography for free or discounted pricing?

I have reduced rates for weddings that take place in the winter, and for weddings that take place on weekdays.  I do not typically shoot weddings for free, but if you have a very special case that you think deserves my attention, feel free to email me.

What equipment do you shoot with?

I am a Canon shooter (nothing wrong with Nikon, I just began as a Canon shooter way back when I started taking pictures on film about 15 years ago).  I shoot with full frame Canon camera bodies, and I use a variety of professional grade lenses.  I use multiple flashes and have the equipment to set them up wirelessly when I need to.   I feel confident that the equipment I’m using prepares me to shoot in all types of lighting and weather conditions.

Do you bring backup gear?

I do, I bring multiple backups to weddings and other photo shoots.  I have backup camera bodies, lenses, and camera flashes. And, of course, I bring extra batteries, memory cards, and all of that good stuff. I take photographing your wedding, event, or portrait session very seriously, and I want it to go smoothly even if something out of my control happens.

Do you carry liability insurance?

Yes, I do have liability insurance. This is pretty important to look for in a photographer and I would recommend not hiring anyone who doesn’t carry it. If your venue requires proof of liability insurance from me, please give me a couple months notice so that I can put in a request to my insurance company with plenty of time to spare.

Do you edit every image from my wedding, portrait session, etc?

After I photograph something, every picture gets looked at, and the pictures that make the final cut all get some amount of editing (since I shoot in RAW file format), but I call what I do “light editing”, which means I’m essentially making little adjustments to make sure photos look close to reality.  Heavy photoshopping can be arranged, but it it charged at an additional hourly fee.  Please inquire directly with me if you have questions about editing.

How many photos will I get after my wedding or portrait session?

Wedding clients can count on at least 60 final photos  per hour that I am with them (many times that number is much higher), portrait sessions usually result in about 40-60 final images (but again, sometimes more).  Part of the service that you are paying for with me is for me to weed out photos that are duplicates, test shots, and anything else unusable.  For example, when I shoot your formal family groupings at a wedding, I may take 10-15 shots of one group, I’ll then go home and look through those pictures to remove ones where a few people have their eyes closed or are perhaps not looking the right direction, then I’ll leave you with only one or two of the best shots to choose from.  Me cutting down the number of photos will really save you time in the long run.



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